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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miss Afghanistan 1972-Zohra Yousuf Daoud

Miss Afghanistan 1972-Zohra Yousuf Daoud

Zohra Yousuf Daoud (Persian: زهرة يوسف داود ) (b. 1954, Mazar-i-Sharif) is a former Afghan TV celebrity and model now a citizen of United States. In December 1972 Dawoud became the first and only woman to this date ever to be crowned Miss Afghanistan, months before a bloodless coup forced King Zahir Shah into exile. She remains the only official Miss Afghanistan [citation needed] and the current title holder to date.

Zohra Daoud had a roller coaster ride as the only Miss Afghanistan. Born in 1954 and at 18, she was crowned Miss Afghanistan, and soon after she was a household name. Amongst Kabul's biggest pop stars and Movie starts she launched a career in radio and TV. She was a popular figure on the Kabul circuit, anchoring news and quiz shows for Radio Afghanistan and television. She was great friends with politicians' children, and noble families and the famous pop star, Ahmad Zahir

Zohra The daughter of Afghanistan's U.S.-educated surgeon general under the reign of then King Zahir Shah Married Mohammad Daoud a couple after her crowning. Zohra and Mohammad Daoud had visited the U.S. on her honeymoon.

Zohra Daud in California 2002Along with her husband, Mohammad Daoud, and their infant son, Daoud fled Kabul a year after the Soviet invasion. When she arrived at Virginia's Norfolk International Airport in 1980 after a brief stay in Germany, she realized with a jolt that the honeymoon was over At 25; Zohra Daoud was scrubbing the floors of a Richmond, Va., bakery - a political refugee from one of the world's most troubled hotspots

With no knowledge of English, but with a degree in French literature from Kabul University, she managed to get a job in a French bakery in Richmond. But when she arrived on the job, she was handed a mop and sent Miss Afghanistan Today to the kitchen to do the floors. Looking back today, she jokes that she did at least succeed in making it to the front of the store eventually. Although a trained commercial pilot, her husband had to contend with working at a McDonald's and then as a taxi driver before he could restart his flying career in the U.S.

Zohra and Her Husband began taking night classes, English tutorials, flying experience, exams, new contacts, new jobs, getting the rest of the family out of Afghanistan, having babies and finally, finally settling in her splendid Malibu, California home more than 20 years after getting to the United States.

1972 Miss Universe Pagent She began her new project helping Afghan women organized by “Women for Afghan Women”, an organization founded in April 2001 to promote Afghan women's human rights, Zohra Daoud cautioned against rushing Western models of modernization into Afghanistan for fear of a backlash.
She is working to ensure that peace, stability, economic growth and respect for women's rights are delivered within the cultural values of Afghan society.

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