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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss Universe 1952 – Armi Kuusela from Finland

 Miss Universe 1952 – Armi Kuusela from Finland

Full Name: Armi Helena Kuusela

Date of Birth: August 20, 1934 (age 75)

Place of Birth: Muhos, Finland

Height: 165cm / 5’5”

Succeeded by: Myrna Hansen (France)

Miss Universe 1952 – Armi Kuusela from Finland Biography

Armi Kuusela was the first ever woman to win the Miss Universe crown as we know it today. She won Suomen Neito, a national beauty competition in Finland on May 24, 1952, which allowed her to represent Finland and eventually went on to win the Miss Universe beauty pageant title in 1952.

Her parents met and married in Canada. Staying there for several years, they went home to Finland and settled in Muhos. Armi is one of the five girls in the family of six children. She played a lot of sports and aimed on applying at the University of Helsinki Gymnastics Institute.

Winning the pageant, Armi tried acting and was cast as herself on the movie “Maailman kaunein tyttö” (World’s most beautiful girl). However, she decided not pursue an acting career although a contract with Universal Studios is part of the winning prize. Travelling around the world as Miss Universe, Armi met a businessman from the Philippines, Virgilio Hilario. She fell in love and decided to marry the Filipino tycoon, which propelled her to give up her reign as Miss Universe barely a few months after she was crowned. The couple lived in the Philippines and had 5 children. She did join the cast in one of the Philippine films during her stay. In 1975, her husband died of heart attack. Later on in 1978, she married Albert Williams, an American diplomat. As of 2003, she and her husband currently reside in San Diego. Armi is still actively participating in charitable works, specifically cancer research at the Burnham Institute.

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