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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss Universe 1954 – Miriam Stevenson from USA

Miss Universe 1954 – Miriam Stevenson from USA
Full Name: Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson
Birthplace: Winnsboro, South Carolina
Preceded by: Myrna Hansen (France)
Succeeded by: Carlene King Johnson
Miss Universe 1954 – Miriam Stevenson from USA Biography
Miriam Stevenson is from Winnsboro, South Carolina. She represented her state and won the Miss USA pageant, which allowed her to join and win the first Miss Universe beauty title for the United States.
The pageant that year was very interesting as a statistical tie between her and Brazil’s Martha Rocha happened. The tie-breaking decision eventually came down to who’s physically sexier. The title went to her because of her “fitter” hips. Stevenson out of goodwill gave the car she won as part of her prize to Martha Rocha.
As part of the pageant prize, a contract with Universal Studios allowed her to have a one-year stint in Hollywood. Miriam however surprised everyone when she decided to return home to South Carolina in order to complete her education. While there, she appeared as host of some local television shows. During this time, she met and married Donald Upton – an artist, writer and politician. They had two children. She remained a media personality through the 1970’s as an actress, commercial model and beauty pageant judge.

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