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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss Universe 1972 – Kerry Anne Wells - Australia

Miss Universe 1972 – Kerry Anne Wells - Australia

Full Name: Kerry Anne Wells

Place of Birth: Western Australia, Australia

Preceded by: Georgina Rizk

Succeeded by: Maria Margarita Moran


Kerry Anne Wells of East Victoria Park, Western Australia in 1972 won the first Miss Universe crown for Australia. The event was held in Dorado, Puerto Rico – the first time ever for the Miss Universe pageant to take place outside the continental United States. Miss Universe 1970, Marisol Malaret from Puerto Rico put on her crown. Prior to joining the contest, Kerry worked as a weather reporter for a television station in Australia. She went back as a news anchor after her reign. 1972 was the year for Australia as Wells’s win in the Miss Universe was not the only beauty title won by Australia but also other prestigious titles like the Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific as well as second place in the Miss International pageant.

As of 2007, Miss Wells has been known as a thriving fashion designer, writer and commentator. She is also involved in BodyThink, a program designed for Australian schools to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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